What is Radon?  

Radon is an indoor air pollutant; it is colorless, and odorless. Radon comes naturally from the soil. It has a tendency to collect in low, pressure areas like he lowest level in your house. Elevated radon levels can be found throughout Illinois. Madison County, Jersey County, Macoupin County, Bond County, are all areas that have shown elevated levels of radon.

Do I need to test for Radon?

Yes, you do need to test, for your own personal satisfaction of knowing what your exposure is for the safety of your family and home.

There are many avenues to learn more about Radon. You can simply search “radon “on your favorite browser or you can look in the Illinois state web site www.radon.illinois.gov

Gloria Linnertz Tells Her Story About Unknowingly Living With Elevated Radon Levels.

Can I test for Radon myself?

Yes, you can. You can purchase a testing unit from various retail outlets, and simply follow the instructions. In the event of a real estate transaction you may wish to hire a licensed and trained professional, to ensure that protocols are followed and conducted by a neutral third party.

What is a high measurement and what can I do about it?

Currently, the IEMA standards recommend that if your initial reading is below 4.0 pCi/L you need not to take further actions. It is recommended that you re-test in 2 years, or any additions or renovations are made.

If your measurement is 4.0 pCi/L or above the IEMA recommends that you retest again and possibly fix the home. In a real estate transaction if the measurement is 4.0 or above – fix the home.

Does having a mitigation system in the home affect the value or sell ability of the home?

The advantage of having an active mitigation system in the home is the fact that you can prove that your homes exposure is below the accepted level. You have taken the “unknown” aspect out of the real estate transaction.

PRUDENT Home Inspection primarily uses a continuous monitor to perform radon measurements in residential real estate transactions. The results are based on the average reading.


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