Provided By: Nadine M.
City: Godfrey

Provided By: Carolyn R.
City: Granite City

Project: Inspection - General Home (Home Inspector)

Stephen arrived on time and was extrememly personable. Before starting the actual inspection, he reviewed samples of what an inspection report would entail. He reviewed with me the differences between inpection issues that could be harmful to safety and health v. other kinds. Stephen was accomodating, fully answered questions I had, explained each step of his inspection, and made me feel at ease. As a frist time home buyer, this was very important to me. He was thorough and even inspected behind the installation in one of the utility rooms. As we walked around the property, he even suggested maintenace pointers as an FYI. He was great!

Project: Inspection - General Home (Home Inspector)

The charge for the inspection was agreed on in advance and when we found 5 inches of water in the crawl space, Mr. Norris got the sump pump working again, found where is was draining incorrectly outside and left me with a number to contact him when the crawl space was drained and dry enough for him to inspect. When he returned, he was quick and thorough. The next day I had pictures, via email of any issues in my crawl space. I would recommend Prudent Home Inspections to anyone.

Provided By: Lois F.
City: Alton

Project: Mold & Toxic Material Test

I was especially impressed with how you answered all my questions and didn't seem to be in a hurry to get done. You were knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you!

Provided By: john S.
City: Fairview Heights

Project: Inspection - General Home (Home Inspector)

Steve Norris was very professional and thorough with the inspection. We would highly recommend his service to anyone in the area.

Provided By: Joe M.
City: Granite City

Project: Inspection - General Home (Home Inspector)

Enlightening and enjoyable.


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